K2 Trademark

It has come to our attention that certain retailers and distributors are claiming ownership of the K2 Incense name.


In the increasing trend of online fraud and counterfeiting, it has come to the attention of the K2 Manufacturer and K2 Trademark Owner that a growing number of websites, as well as offline operations, are claiming ownership of the K2 Incense trademark. These claims are just as counterfeit as the products being produced and distributed.

There is only one owner of the K2 Incense brand name, just as there is only one original K2 Manufacturer. Further legal action is pending in this matter which will address many of the misrepresentations being made. Anyone involved in business dealings with a counterfeiter can be potentially charged based on the RICO act - even if the perpetrator is just a reseller or distributor for the counterfeiter. Minimum sentencing for RICO related offenses starts at 20 years Per Count. Counterfeiting a trademarked and copyrighted product is a RICO offense.

Be aware of fraudulent claims of K2 trademark ownership by members of the Sloan Crime Family of Kansas and the group's ringleader Jonathan Clark Sloan, as well as a myriad of others:

K2 Incense