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Please use this form to report a retailer or distributor engaged in the sale of counterfeit K2 incense blends.


Submit A VideoConsumers and retailers, who have become unsuspecting victims of a counterfeit K2 product can take various actions to take charge. First and foremost, dispute the charges on your credit card. Simply call the number located on the back of your credit card and tell the phone rep that you wish to dispute the charges on your card, due to being sold a counterfeit product; if they need proof, give them this website address. The next thing you should do is file a report with K2 Verified. All reports are reviewed by K2 Verified and may be made public in the future under our Suspected Sources page; your personal information will be strictly kept confidential. If you wish to take this further you can also report the counterfeiter yourself to your local authorities, such as the police, local FDA office, Fire Marshal's Office, FBI, and DEA, depending on the actual offense committed by the counterfeiter (are they just counterfeiting, are they counterfeiting and also marketing the product for human consumption, are they selling it as a drug, is this a one man show or an organized operation, are they involved in importation and if yes, do they have the proper licenses or are they smugglers, and so on; all of those details would help the authorities press the proper charges).

In addition, all submitted relevant information may be forwarded from this website to the proper Federal and State authorities for investigation. Naturally, your information is kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to anyone outside of K2 Verified.

Please note, we are not responsible for the information or accuracy of the information you submit via the report form or the submit a video form. Upon submission of a claim, you are representing that the information you submit is a truthful and accurate account of your experience. Please review our privacy policy and terms of use for further information.

If you have an undercover video or screen shots of anything related to fake K2 incense blends, please use our Submit A Video page to send the video to K2 Verified. Videos are posted under our K2 News section. Also feel free to forward ANY kind of information you might have on the K2 Counterfeiters and scammers, including, home addresses, full names, aliases, places they frequent, workplaces, warehouses, where is product produced, where is product stored, associates, how is product transported and distributed, any gang affiliations, criminal records, any public records information such as birth dates, marriage status, cell phone numbers, email addresses, facebook pages, photos, any kind of identifying information you can provide to help Federal and State Authorities to locate, capture and charge.


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