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On this page, you'll be kept up to date on news related to K2 Verified and the K2 Incense product blends.


This section includes news related to K2 Incense that affects consumers, retailers and distributors of Authentic K2 Incense blends around the globe.

News Release: February 17, 2010 - In an effort to combat consumer fraud and counterfeit K2 Blends, the K2 Incense manufacturerr has partnered with authentic K2 distributors and retailers to develop the K2 Verified verification system.

News Release: March 11, 2010 - With the continued evolution and propagation of counterfeit K2 products, the K2 manufacturerr has announced new product packaging is in development. This new packaging will include multiple product security measures designed to make the counterfeiting of the new K2 Incense packaging nearly impossible.

News Release: April 23, 2010 - As part of an ongoing counter attack on counterfeiters across the globe, the K2 manufacturer has agreed to begin pursuing litigation against online and traditional brick and mortar stores and distributors promoting counterfeit K2 products and presenting them as "authentic" K2 Incense blends. As part of this strategy, the K2 manufacturer is seeking the assistance of consumers, who have been affected by the purchase of counterfeit products. If you have been a victim through the purchase of counterfeit K2 blends, you are encouraged to contact us!

News Release: May 14, 2010 - In the continued effort to fight the counterfeit operations, the K2 manufacturer has agreed to begin the process of targeting online stores selling fake K2 blends without authorization to use the proprietary K2 Incense trademark.

News Release: June 3, 2010 - URGENT NOTICE: Buying "K2" from counterfeiters/unverified sources, whether online or through your local store? Read this article: Counterfeit "K2" Sprayed with Schedule I ILLEGAL DRUGS for sale in Colorado!

News Release: June 10, 2010 - Numerous websites selling counterfeit K2 have been shut down, merchant accounts frozen, ads removed from Google. However, many more are still active. Hopefully, the online counterfeit K2 issue will be eradicated within the next month. However, the offline counterfeiting issue will be a lot bigger task and will take quite a bit longer. Our agressive team of top attorneys is working hard on this, but we also need your help to report the counterfeiters! Watch this space for updates!

News Release: June 14, 2010 - A warehouse in Illinois, where K2 is being counterfeited has been busted by police, thanks to an anonymous tip!

News Release: June 22, 2010 - K2 creates a full time, in-house legal team to undertake the monumental task of dealing with counterfeiters. Over 40 lawsuits scheduled.

News Release: June 24, 2010 - A major Midwest K2 counterfeiter has agreed to stop using the K2 name. This will put an end to about 40% of counterfeit K2.

News Release: July 16, 2010 - An 18 year old's death blamed on misuse of a "K2" product produced by a counterfeit K2 manufacturer, who's name for now will not be released due to pending litigation.

News Release: August 13, 2010 - False stories and reports have started to circulate all over the Internet, written by K2 Counterfeiters trying to convince the readers K2Verified itself is a scam and based out of China. Obviously nothing, but pure libel. K2Verified is based out of Oregon, USA, and anyone, who has any questions is welcome to contact us, by phone, mail, email, or in person. The libel is the counterfeiters' most desperate attempt to save their criminal operations from losing the few remaining customers, who still haven't learnt the truth about the K2 brand. Apart of counterfeiting, the criminals will also face libel and defamation liability in court, when they are finally brought to justice.

News Release: August 18, 2010 - Beware of a so called "K2 Dealer Association" - fraudulent, ANONYMOUS website trying to give legitimacy to counterfeit K2 suppliers and retailers.

News Release: September 17th - Fake Authentic K2 Seals - be aware, there are people out there fraudulently verifying that their incense is authentic using the graphic below, most are associated with the Sloan Crime Family of Kansas, particularly Jonathan Clark Sloan (recently arrested on drug related charges). Beware of charges on your debit or credit card by My-Bath.com - those charges are fraudulent! The websites ran by My-Bath.com have been caught selling inferior counterfeits:

News Release: September 20th - Sonny Saleem's counterfeit K2 manufacturing outlet shut down in Texas, read more.

News Release: Jan 6th - Sloan Crime Family back in Prison, read more: Jon & Clark Sloan Jailed!!

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