Authentic K2 Incense

Use this guide to quickly identify that you are about to purchase real k2 incense products whether online or at your local retail outlet.


k2 fake packaging

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). Identifying authentic K2 can be as simple as seeing counterfeit K2 products on the same shelf, or in the same online store. The reality is, a very high probability exists that if you see the below genuine K2 incense blends next to these counterfeit products, the "Genuine Blends" will more likely than not, be Fake K2 products.

Where can you buy Authentic K2 Incense Blends? Unfortunately, as part of our charter, we are unable to promote one member over another as this could provide an unfair advantage to competing retailers and distributors. The charter for K2 Verified is very limited to educating consumers and prospective retailers on counterfeit K2 Blends, and provide a platform where members can help their customers quickly verify they are legitimate K2 Incense resources.

So, how can you know you're purchasing authentic K2 products? When you see the K2 Verified emblem in a retail shop, simply check the verification number here at this website. The verification number, if authentic, will display the retailer's information. If the information matches our system data, you're dealing with a retailer you can trust, who is selling only genuine K2 Blends.

If you are buying from an online retailer, simply click on the K2 Verified emblem and it should load a page that will allow you to key in the verification number. If you cannot click on the emblem, they are a fraudulent website and should be reported to K2 Verified. Again, if the information displayed matches the information on the website - including the website address - you're dealing with a retailer selling genuine K2 Blends. Finally, if you are a retailer dealing with a distributor, simply follow the above instructions. If the information for the distributor matches our database, you can buy K2 herbs from that distributor with confidence. If you are not already a member of K2 Verified, but are selling genuine K2 Blends, we strongly encourage you to Join Today!

Presently, eight blends of K2 Incense are in production. These blends include K2 Sky, K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, K2 Solid Sex, K2 Ultra , K2 Dream . Discontinued blends include K2 Standard, K2 Citron and K2 Pink. Again, if you see discontinued blends alongside current production products, the probability exists that all the blends are counterfeit.

As part of the move to fight counterfeiters, in the very near future the K2 Incense manufacture will be introducing new security packaging. Samples of these exclusive packaging designs will be provided by the manufacture to K2 Verified. These new advanced packages include specific security features that will make the sale of counterfeit K2 nearly impossible. These new packaging designs will be displaying here so both consumers and retailers will know what security features to look for in the product packaging.

New generation K2 blends
Legal everywhere, no bans or regulations apply to these blends

K2 Sky Emblem

K2 Sky

A pure combination of diverse Herbs and Botanicals come together to create one of the most amazing organic aromas sure to make your mouth water and mind crave more.

K2 Solid Sex Emblem

K2 Solid Sex Blend

Part of the next generation of K2 Incense blends, K2 Solid Sex is a combination of both herbal and proprietary ingredients not found anywhere else. Legal worldwide, the sensuous fragrant effects of this blend are impossible to duplicate.

K2 Thai Dream Emblem

K2 Thai Dream

The all new K2 Thai Dream combines herb, botanical and proprietary ingredients delivered in an all new pre-measured protective capsule. Perfect for those times when measuring incense is just not an option to attaining intense spiritual meditative states.

Original K2 blends
May be restricted in a smell number of areas

K2 Summit Incense

K2 Summit Blend

Succulent and fragrant, K2 Summit is a combination of herbs and proprietary ingredients that include canavalia rosea and ledum palustre. A very pleasant bay bean and rose fragrance makes this a scrumptious scent.

K2 Blonde Incense

K2 Blonde Blend

A unique blend of very different aromatic herbs, K2 Blonde includes humulus lupulus and ashwagandha with an added vanilla fragrance that suggests just a hint of cinnamon.

K2 Ultra Incense

K2 Ultra Blend

The first of the new generation incense blends, K2 Ultra, a step up from the Summit, combines proprietary ingredients and hand selected herbal components to create the ultimate incense product. The potent vanilla scent is sure be found highly pleasurable.

Fake Authentic K2 Seals

Please be aware there are people out there fraudulently verifying that their incense is authentic using the graphic below:

K2 Incense