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I called the purpple peddler incense store and asked if they had k2 summit, the phone attendent said yeas. when i arrived all i seen were brands i havent heard of and i seen a brand that i thought was a k2 was in the same packaging the lable is the same color and design as k2 summit, this package said k2 super summit. i assumed it was a new higher quality style. i was riped of. it was damp and moldy, would not burn and it was basicaly i was mad. thanks to yur web sight i now know better. i will put the word out on bugus imatations.

thanks a happy customer of the real k2 brands -- Ed

I know a party store in my area that sells a lot of fake k2, K3 and they lied to me by telling me its real. I spent 42$ on some horrible "k2". I know its fake because you guys only sell 4 brands. Email me back ill give you guys the infor to bust them scandalsists - Tyler

After being ripped off twice by bullshit K2 websites I'm glad I found the [K2Verified Website]. You need to start advertising or something. I'm sure I'm not the only one who fell for the fake shit - Jed

i purchased what I thought was K2 from a local pipe shop. I went back to the pipe shop to return the K2 and the manager would not give me my money back. I just want my money back or a new bag of K2 without bugs crawling in it. - Dagan

It's unbelievable how many fake K2 products are out there. I bought this crap called K2 Blue last week and it REEKED of chemicals. I wasn't even planning on ever buying K2 again but thanks to my friend who told me there is no such a thing as K2 Blue and I should try a real K2 product, I tried the K2 Ultra and the K2 Blonde and both were very pleasant to say the least, though my favorite is the Ultra. Anyways you [K2Verified Website] got a customer for life! - Michelle

I have had people rip off one of my products in the past and I know how it feels, and as a consumer, I hate that these people are selling this trash! I do not know what is in this fake K2 and really it disturbs me because my friends all buy it and they didn't even know it was fake! Good luck on the lawsuits! And I hope you [K2Verified Website] can come up with a package with some kind of watermark or something right on the package that helps us consumers know that the product we are buying is the real thing. John E.

[K2Verified Website] are the only company in this realm that I will deal with. While I'll admit I did check several of [K2Verified Website] competitors (just prior to this order) and despite the "attractive prices"....the information provided on [K2Verified Website] about "fakes", my prior orders, the timely shipping, refunding an order (because it was out of stock for so long) all combined to dismiss them without a second thought. Add me to what I am sure is a growing list loyal customers. - Kenn


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