Identify Counterfeit K2

Use this handy chart to quickly identify fake K2 incense blends and products sold by retailers & distributors.


Consumer Reported Sellers
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Be smart, be safe, only buy K2 Incense blends from K2 Verified Retailers, Distributors and Websites. Otherwise, you too could find yourself buying Counterfeit K2 products, which could be illegal and hide many dangers. Buying Counterfeit K2 could result in: criminal record, imprisonment, fire, financial losses, civil liability, criminal liability, customs fines (minimum of $5000), health complications. First and foremost, currently there are only eight blends of Authentic K2 Incense. The incense based blends include K2 Summit, K2 Ultra, K2 Solid Sex, K2 Blonde and K2 Sky Incense. If you see these blends being sold along side any Counterfeit Blend, do not trust the source you are considering buying from. Discontinued authentic blends include K2 Standard, K2 Citron and K2 Pink. Again, if these blends are being sold along side current production blends, and the retailer is not K2 Verified, do not purchase these products from them.

Below is a list of known Counterfeit Blends being represented as Genuine K2 Incense Blends. If you find a distributor or retailer selling any of these blends, please report them to K2 Verified, so they can be reported to the proper authorities.

This is a partial list and in no way all inclusive:

  • Anything "K3 Incense"
  • Anything "K1 Incense"
  • K2 Blue Incense
  • K2 K.O. Incense
  • K2 Premium Blend
  • K2 Cloud 9 Incense
  • Orbital K2 Incense
  • Premium Blend "Original" K2
  • K2 Organic
  • K2 Potpourri
  • K2 Bloom
  • K 12 Spice
  • K2 Berry Incense
  • K2 Champa
  • K2 Pumpkin
  • K2 Pina Colada
  • K2 Plum
  • K2 Rasta
  • Super Kush K2
  • K2 Volcano
  • K2 Kryptonite
  • K2 Cream Soda
  • K2 Krush
  • K2 Stealth
  • K2 Avalanche
  • K2 Budz, K2 Bud
  • K2 Spice Incense
  • K2 Ultra Summit
  • K2 Potpourri
  • K2 Peach Incense
  • K2 Kush Incense
  • K2 Silver Incense
  • K2 Cosmic Incense
  • K2 Grand Summit
  • K2 Summit Ultra
  • K2 Solid
  • K2 Everest Incense
  • Primo K2 Incense
  • K2 Blueberry Incense
  • K2 Champagne
  • K2 Super
  • K2 Super Summit
  • K2 Blackberry
  • K2 Tropical Punch
  • K2 Summit 420
  • K2 Super Kush
  • K2 Coma
  • K2 Granny Smith Apples
  • K2 Kamikaze
  • K2 Back Door
  • K2 Marijuana
  • K2 Natural
  • K2 Free Kush Incense
  • K2 Free Summit
  • K2 Apple Baked
  • K2 Haze Incense
  • K2 Watermelon Incense
  • K2 Pineapple Express
  • K2 Strawberry
  • K2 Citrus
  • K2 "Improved"
  • K2 Happy Daze Incense
  • K2 Mint Incense
  • K2 Candy Incense
  • K2 Honey
  • K2 Mint Chocolate Chip
  • K2 Tutti Fruti
  • K2 Apple
  • K2 Chocolate
  • K2 Grape
  • K2 Vagina
  • K4 Coma (or anything K4)
  • K2 Latte
  • K2 Exotica
  • Kryp2nite
  • K2 Weed
  • Pyara - falsely marketed as "Produced by the creators of K2.

In addition, key markers can be found on packaging & websites that are a indication the product is counterfeit. These markers involve source of manufacture that include packaging claims, or other claims of product manufacture location to include:

  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • California
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Cameroon
  • China
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Texas

Fake Authentic K2 Seals

Please be aware there are people out there fraudulently verifying that their incense is authentic using the graphic below:

K2 Incense