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Learn more about the development & origination of the official K2 Verified organization.


FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). K2 Verified was established in February of 2010 by the original and sole K2 Incense manufacturer, after one of the major K2 distributors in the US was caught counterfeiting the product, rather than purchasing from the manufacturer (soon after that distributor was arrested and all counterfeit K2 product was seized by the authorities, while the individual and his organization are still being investigated). This prompted multiple cooperating retailers and multiple authentic k2 distributors to join together in an effort to confront head-on the growing issue of counterfeit K2 incense blends being introduced into the market. These counterfeit blends, producers, distributors & retailers of these counterfeit products present significant safety risks to consumers and degrade the reputation of the Authentic K2 Incense brand.

It was determined by the organization founders, that the action of "Self Policing" using consumers and an established network of authentic K2 Incense retailers and distributors would be the most effective tool to educating and eradicating brand abuse presently taking place. With this goal in mind, K2 Verified has initiated a multi prong approach that includes specific security measures being implemented at production, and aggressively pursuing those, who promote counterfeit products with the specific intent to defraud consumers and unsuspecting retail outlets, with the help of a very aggressive team of attorneys, private investigators, and the assistance of local, State and Federal authorities.

As an organization, we are confident over the long run, this approach will be far more productive and cost effective in addressing the counterfeit K2 Incense issue. We hope with our up-front approach, that consumers, distributors and retailers, will actively participate to provide us the support we need to ensure only Authentic K2 Incense products are represented as Genuine K2 Incense. If you are a consumer, you can report a retailer or distributor of counterfeit K2 Incense products here: Counterfeit Report or quickly verify a retailer here: Verify A K2 Retailer

If you are a retailer or distributor of genuine K2 Incense products, we invite you to join our organization and become a K2 Verified Retailer or Distributor!

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